Domain this World

3 02 2010

Internet is about domain. And this picture proves it! domain of the world

It’s an amazing typographic print showing the relevance of national domains in a geographical display – a soon-to-have gift for sure!



29 01 2010

As shown above in the navigation menu, photograhy is another of my hobbies: this is just a proof that is a time-wasting and not a job!

a picture of my last holiday

marsa alam b/w

Wallpapers and more…

31 03 2009

Long date Apple users already know this site, but for the rest of the World, is almost an institution for your virtual desktops: you can search through a lot of high quality, multi resolution wallpapers like this one.
I think a view it’s worth the time spent!

Spectrum of the Sky

Spectrum of the Sky


31 03 2009

I found this interesting site about pictures, urban environment and colors: I think it’s quite weird and so it took my attention.
The Urbanity Project by Lidor Wyssocky.
It is a mix of pictures, photomanipulations, spray-art and poetry – more than poetry, I believe they are just random thoughts – and the whole result is pretty pleasant for those, like me, who like dark, heavy atmospherical images.
Of course, check out the rest of the site too!!


6 03 2009

My interest in art, design and tech is high, and so, I want to share with you this link. ART LEBEDEV
It’s a Russian design studio, whose works are awesome! Just check it to realize it.

See you soon