new start

29 01 2010


This blog has had a new start, and, to stick with my promise, I want to share my experience in changing my life, starting with my job; don’t expect too much – I’m not a pro, and right now I don’t want to. I just want to take back the control of my time…

So you want to be a graphic designer, is it? Good! But why? I mean, if you can focus on your motivation, then you have the answer… Graphics is about creativity, imagination, freedom of choices, inspiration but also technologies and tecniques, strictness, deadlines… Got it?

Each problem has – at least – two sides: choose the one you like the most and come along with the other.

On this very first post about starting our first steps in graphic design world, I suggest you a couple of links

  1. Designer Daily this is about news, trends, and inspiration in general
  2. David Airey this guy is my Guru

So far, is enough.




29 01 2010

As shown above in the navigation menu, photograhy is another of my hobbies: this is just a proof that is a time-wasting and not a job!

a picture of my last holiday

marsa alam b/w

New blog use

28 01 2010

I’m slowly shaping a new kind of life, and I want to share with you my change: I’m getting more and more involved in Graphic Design – though I’m quite old to do it! – and my idea is to share with everyone trapped like me in a job that doesn’t let them breathe, all my steps through the fog of metamorphosis from stern (!) technical draughtman to loose graphic designer.
I hope you stick with me for a long time to come!


MIT learning center

21 04 2009

I’m not a graduate, but I’ve always loved knowledge, specially technical ones. While surfing the Web, searching for maths equations, I found this link to M.I.T. Open Courseware.

I think this is the most complete archive for academical free lectures. Courses are well organized and categorized: you can browse through a subject as if you were really having the course for real!

You don’t have to regeister and you can have free access to lectures, homeworks, exams and slides: all you need to go and have your Graduation…almost.

Of course, I found all I needed 🙂

Wallpapers and more…

31 03 2009

Long date Apple users already know this site, but for the rest of the World, is almost an institution for your virtual desktops: you can search through a lot of high quality, multi resolution wallpapers like this one.
I think a view it’s worth the time spent!

Spectrum of the Sky

Spectrum of the Sky


31 03 2009

I found this interesting site about pictures, urban environment and colors: I think it’s quite weird and so it took my attention.
The Urbanity Project by Lidor Wyssocky.
It is a mix of pictures, photomanipulations, spray-art and poetry – more than poetry, I believe they are just random thoughts – and the whole result is pretty pleasant for those, like me, who like dark, heavy atmospherical images.
Of course, check out the rest of the site too!!

Return Receipt Request

19 03 2009

Though I found it very rude, it’s particularly required in business: return receipt request to each e-mail sent!
The sender, checking the right box on his e-mail program, requires that every e-mails out from his computer, has to pop-up a message as soon as received on the receiver’s computer, as if this action put an end on the sender’s job, responsability or whatever.
It is particularly misused in very large companies, or in those jobs where documents are more important than job itself.
But…someone had my same opinion and wrote this article! Thank you!!

Btw, I run my life on Mac and, thanks to Cupertino, Mail it’s not equipped with this devilry, but anywhere you can find utilities that fill this “gap”: here’s one