new start

29 01 2010


This blog has had a new start, and, to stick with my promise, I want to share my experience in changing my life, starting with my job; don’t expect too much – I’m not a pro, and right now I don’t want to. I just want to take back the control of my time…

So you want to be a graphic designer, is it? Good! But why? I mean, if you can focus on your motivation, then you have the answer… Graphics is about creativity, imagination, freedom of choices, inspiration but also technologies and tecniques, strictness, deadlines… Got it?

Each problem has – at least – two sides: choose the one you like the most and come along with the other.

On this very first post about starting our first steps in graphic design world, I suggest you a couple of links

  1. Designer Daily this is about news, trends, and inspiration in general
  2. David Airey this guy is my Guru

So far, is enough.