Flikcr? Why not…

1 02 2010

I just added the Flickr widget in the sidebar – along with RSS and e-mail subscritpion widgets. Just for your convenience. 😛



29 01 2010

As shown above in the navigation menu, photograhy is another of my hobbies: this is just a proof that is a time-wasting and not a job!

a picture of my last holiday

marsa alam b/w

Wallpapers and more…

31 03 2009

Long date Apple users already know this site, but for the rest of the World, Interfacelift.com is almost an institution for your virtual desktops: you can search through a lot of high quality, multi resolution wallpapers like this one.
I think a view it’s worth the time spent!

Spectrum of the Sky

Spectrum of the Sky