Stealing is BAD! Watermarking with style

5 02 2010

If we want to show our hard work, and get some credit, then we expose ourself to the threat of stealing our own ideas – among the others; when we upload a file in a network, we encourage everyone to view, download and examine our hours of thinking, imagination, work.
So how can we avoid it?
Well, avoid it it’s quite impossible, but we can decrease the risk of being robbed.

    1. don’t upload anywhere in the net

Choose your trusted sites ring wisely: you need to show and get known not release free images!

    2. use a watermark

A watermark is a smart way to stitch our name inside our work, without spoiling them; in other terms, we still let our final image completely clear (or at least, most of it) but it is signed irreversibly with our name. This can lead to steganography, but it is a completely different story…

Some ideas of watermarking
Here I show a few links about watermarks, so you can better understand the power of this technique.

    a – This is also a good tutorial for GIMP about watermark creationwatermark creation GIMP good
    b – this is another blog post about the subjectwatermark kevin pastore

watermark in illustrator…But this one is basic!

Check it out, learn it, tweak it and thank the ones who wrote it.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.



2 02 2010

A wallpaper is about yourself: it’s what you need to stare when your mind breaks loose.

I thought about what does a good wallpaper, and I realized that it’s the watcher’s taste – WOW! You found the Sun, man!
I must admit, it’s pretty obvious, but not that much if you get into Google or Yahoo and type “wallpaper” – actually, if you type “wallpaper” you get the most known design magazine- : I stepped into a jungle of cars, girls (:-O ) and ugly PS effects,  so I felt the need of a guide to it.

up to now I can just point you out this Apple Universe

and here you can visit the site form where I found it – no author, though.


first edit: here‘s a collection list of beautiful wallpapers

Flikcr? Why not…

1 02 2010

I just added the Flickr widget in the sidebar – along with RSS and e-mail subscritpion widgets. Just for your convenience. 😛