2 02 2010

A wallpaper is about yourself: it’s what you need to stare when your mind breaks loose.

I thought about what does a good wallpaper, and I realized that it’s the watcher’s taste – WOW! You found the Sun, man!
I must admit, it’s pretty obvious, but not that much if you get into Google or Yahoo and type “wallpaper” – actually, if you type “wallpaper” you get the most known design magazine- : I stepped into a jungle of cars, girls (:-O ) and ugly PS effects,  so I felt the need of a guide to it.

up to now I can just point you out this Apple Universe

and here you can visit the site form where I found it – no author, though.


first edit: here‘s a collection list of beautiful wallpapers


Wallpapers and more…

31 03 2009

Long date Apple users already know this site, but for the rest of the World, Interfacelift.com is almost an institution for your virtual desktops: you can search through a lot of high quality, multi resolution wallpapers like this one.
I think a view it’s worth the time spent!

Spectrum of the Sky

Spectrum of the Sky